My Books

The Glamour Thieves (The Blue Unicorn, Book One)

JT is an orc on the way up. He’s got his own boutique robotics shop, high-end clientele, and deep-pocketed investors. He’s even mentoring an orc teen who reminds him a bit too much of himself back in the day. 

Then Austin shows up, and the elf’s got the same hard body and silver tongue as he did two years ago when they used to be friends and might have been more. He’s also got a stolen car to bribe JT to saying yes to one last scheme: stealing the virtual intelligence called Blue Unicorn.

Soon JT’s up to his tusks in trouble, and it ain’t just zombies and Chinese triads threatening to tear his new life apart. Austin wants a second chance with JT—this time as more than just a friend—and even the Blue Unicorn is trying to play matchmaker. 

(Cover Art by Simoné)


Apocalypse Alley (The Blue Unicorn, Book Two)

Home from a six-month assignment to war-torn East Asia, genetically engineered supersoldier Noah "Comet" Wu just wants to kick back, share a beer, and talk shit with his best friend, JT. But JT's home has been shot up like a war  zone, and his friend has gone missing.

Comet's only lead is a  smart-mouthed criminal he finds amid the mess. His name's Buzz Howdy. He's a con man and a hacker and deserves to be in jail. Or in handcuffs, at least. The only thing the two have in common is JT. Unless you count the steamy glances they're sneaking at one another. They have those in  common too. But that just makes Comet all the more wary.

Despite their mutual distrust, they'll have to work together to rescue JT before a cyborg assassin gets to him first. Racing down a miserable stretch of road called Apocalypse Alley, they must dodge radioactive spiders, a lonely cannibal, and a killer Buick. They also try to dodge each other. That last bit doesn't work out so well.  

(Cover Art by Simoné) 


The Burning Magus (The Blue Unicorn, Book Three)

JT was a perfectly happy orc building cars in the Arizona desert until his old friend and sometimes lover Austin showed up and talked him into one last crime. Now  “one last crime” has snowballed. With a new team of thieves—a  supersoldier, a hacker, a driver, a graffiti artist, and a seafaring  wizard—JT and Austin are determined to free an artificial intelligence from the dungeon of the Burning Magus.

For JT, this job is more than a prison break; it’s a do-over of The Job That Went Bad two years ago, the catastrophe in which JT lost his closest friend and led him to abandon everything, even Austin. Maybe this time no one will die. Maybe this time JT can return to Arizona and bury his old life for good.

Except Austin won’t be buried. After two years alone, Austin knows he wants JT—not just as a partner in crime, but as the lover he always should have been. Maybe this time they won’t make the same mistakes, especially when it comes to each other.  

(Cover Art by Simoné) 


My Short Stories

Bandit and the Seventy Raccoon War


Gunslinger Jacsen and the boy he orphaned ride to the defense of a castle called The Grange, but the witch who besieges it is less interested in the castle than in Jacsen himself whose ancestry, properly carved away, could grant the witch immortality. First appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #103 (Sept 6, 2012); reprinted in Ceaseless West: Weird Western Stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies. 

A Sixpenny Crossing


A ruthless general and his army plunder the home of a long-dead spirit in search of legendary treasure, but the spirit-home isn't dead anymore and a borderlands lawman is the only one who can protect the newborn creatures who live there.  First appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #123 (June 13, 2013); reprinted in The Best of BCS, Year Five .